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Mrs. Circolone provides fast and accurate bilateral translations (English-Hebrew), for the private and public sectors. Michal has a working knowledge of French and a university degree (BA) in Psychology and Communications. She is an Israeli citizen living in the United States (Phoenix, AZ). Hebrew is her native language.

Additional services provided are subtitling, transcribing, Desktop Publishing, proofreading and editing.

Some of the professional tools utilized include:


1) Pentium III, 500MHZ.

2) Pentium 4, 1.80GHZ, CDR RW.

Canon BJC-2100 printer, Panasonic KX-FHD301 fax, HP ScanJet 5200C scanner.


1) Windows 98 Hebrew enabled, MSWord 2000 Hebrew enabled, MSOffice 2000 Professional Hebrew enabled, Adobe Acrobat 4.05 M.E., Power Archiver 2001, Easy Heb for Web 1.0, Eudora Pro 5.1, MSPublisher 2000 Hebrew Enabled, Dagesh Pro 2000, FrontPage 98 Hebrew Enabled.

2) Windows 2000 Professional, MSOffice 2000 Professional Hebrew Enabled, MSWord 2000 Hebrew Enabled, Adobe Acrobat 5.0, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Power Desk Pro 5.0, Win RAR, Eudora Pro 5.1, FrontPage 98 Hebrew Enabled.

An extensive reference library that consists of numerous books and dictionaries.

Other qualifications include:

Served as a NCO with the Israeli Defense Force.

Fluent in both English and Hebrew.

A member of the ATA.

An authorized translator of the University of Leicester (UK).

Being a freelance, her services are provided to a variety of clients.

    References will be given upon request.

Specializes in the following fields:

(1) Legal: depositions/affidavits, court proceedings, transcripts, immigration, official documents and correspondence.

(2) Social Sciences: psychology, criminology, sociology etc.

(3) Business: general, marketing, public relations, codes of conduct.

(4) Software Manuals.

(5) Literal and Literature.

(6) Web-Site Localization.

(7) Humanities & Liberal Arts: education, philosophy etc.


As a matter of professional ethics, all documentation received is

treated as strictly confidential.

Direct availability via telephone, e-mail or mail correspondence

Sunday - Thursday: 8am - 8pm; Friday 8am - 4 pm (US Pacific Time)

For quotes and additional information please call

(602) 564-8921, fax/leave a voice message (530) 686-8346 or

e-mail to: info@hebrew-translator.com

(Alternative e-mail: Michal7@language.proz.com)



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